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Are you looking for a Picnic Party Planner for your Picnic Party? You have come to the right place. Miras Heaven provide Picnic Party Decorations service in Bronx, Yonkers, Brooklyn, Jamaica, Queens.

Need a picnic party planner?

When it comes to event planning it includes several steps to reach the best results. All those aspects should be covered well. Those aspects include budgeting, setting timelines, selecting and reserving event sites, arranging the menu, setting the theme, working on décor, sound system, and etc. All those aspects should be covered flawlessly to enjoy a flawless event.

You see that there is a lot of work to do when you have to organize a successful event. Meanwhile, if it is your event, there will be family or friends there. So, you should be spending time with them rather than going into the hassle of arranging the event yourself. There come the event planners. Event planners are the experts who can arrange your events by covering all the necessary aspects themselves. So, you get relieved!

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To make your celebrations memorable is what we believe in. Our main input in your events includes dedication, customer service, and experience. We believe that if you put these elements in some job, it gets better. Turning your imaginations into reality is what we focus on.

Not just focusing on making your event flawless but also standing out among the competitors is our mission. We put all the necessary elements that would help in making us stand out and taking your events to a whole new level.

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Our experience of more than 5 years can add a huge value to your event. We have learned a lot from our experiences, and we strive to make things the best. Events get better if you put details in them. That’s why we keep ourselves detail-oriented. Yeah, we know that it takes extra effort and expertise. But it is worth it

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Keeping the prices reasonable is also among our top priorities. Because we believe that everyone deserves to have good event planning services. That’s why we make ourselves approachable. So, if you have to organize an event in near future, then look no further because you know who to hire!

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Welcome to Miras Heaven

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Need a picnic party planner?

Let us take care of all your picnic party needs.

An event planning organization should have certain qualities so that you could trust in them with your event. Miras Heaven has those qualities, and your worries disappear when you hire them. So, to make your event count, you know where to go!

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We give you four reasons to choose us. We believe that these aspects are pretty important to make your event next-level

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Our experience of more than 5 years has taught us a lot. We know how to organize great events. So, choose us if you need experienced event planners.


We believe that dedication is of utmost importance along with skills and experience. So, our teams put the right dedication into your project.

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Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is very important and we try to keep it above everything. So, if you are looking for the best customer service, then choose us.

Picnic Party Decoration Bronx

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Our prices are quite reasonable because we try to make ourselves approachable to everyone. If you need a free quote, just contact us Today



Themes play a key role in taking an event to a whole new level. There are multiple theme ideas for events. Like, if we talk about the theme types of picnic party decorations services, you can have a picnic in the park, picnic on the beach, garden picnic, vintage picnic, etc. So, our think tank has a lot of theme ideas for you. But if you have your ideas of a theme, then we can implement that as well for you.



When it comes to the menu, there are specific menus for every event. Like, when it comes to picnic party events, there are specific menus. Picnic party food should be refreshing and delicious. For example, you can have sandwiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, drumsticks, and etc. We have a lot of ideas for the menu for you. So, you can choose yourself. But if you have your own ideas, then we welcome those ideas as well.



Imagine you arranged a picnic party, there is good food and theme but it is getting boring. You won’t like it, right? So, there should be entertainment involved as well. There are multiple entertainment ideas. Like, using fresh flowers, having fun pillows, doing some quick sports, fun activities, etc. So, our think tank has a lot of stuff planned for you. If you have customized ideas, then we can do that as well.

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Picnic parties give you a sense of relief. You invite the closest people to picnic parties. There can be family or friends there. Yeah, I was a bit nervous, but Miras Heaven did not let me down. They lived up to the expectations by arranging a flawless decoration. I highly recommend their services.


By Laurie D.

I and my husband planned on inviting the whole family to a picnic party. We were going to organize that party and were pretty confused about the décor. We hired Miras Heaven for these services, and they did not let us down. The décor was spot on and everybody loved it. We look forward to hiring Miras Heaven for future events as well and we recommend them to you too.


By Matt R.

Imagine you invite your friends to a Bar-B-Que party that is a picnic. But you are worried about the whole decorations and theme. But then you find out about some cool event planners. Yeah, Miras Heaven was that planner for me. How they took the party to a whole new level by their services was what I loved the most about that party. If you want your party to be arranged, then hire them.


By Luke M.