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Are you looking for a Birthday Party Decoration Planner you and your loved ones Birthday Party? You have come to the right place. Miras Heaven provide Birthday Party Decorations service in Bronx, Yonkers, Brooklyn, Jamaica, Queens.

Need a birthday party planner?

Are you someone who is always having a hard time booking, planning, or organizing events? Or are you just super tired of trusting the wrong team or organization to help you set up your events? Well, then let me just congratulate you as you have come to the exact place to drown your sorrows!

We know how hard, stressful, and back bending it can be to plan an event, and that too without any experience in event planning or organizations. Therefore, you should be consulting only the best that you can when you want to get an organization to work with you. Event planning is not only a very delicate field it is also a very hardworking and professional field that includes important work stuff like, meetings, negotiations, communication skills, efficient staff, reliable workers etc.

When you step out into the world you come to know that there are many companies, brands, and organizations that promise to provide you a helping hand and make your dream event idea come to life, but unfortunately, only some of the companies stay true to their word. We would hate to see you getting scammed on your big day that will indeed ruin all your happy moments too!

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Miras Heaven is one of the most reliable, hardworking, and patient organizations that is filled with extremely hardworking individuals who are more than happy to go out of their way to help you in making your dream events come true.

Whether it is a birthday party, a bridal shower, a baby shower, or even a casual picnic party, you just have to make a list of what you will want and how you need the event to look like, Mira’s heaven will all that for you in no time!

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Great Experience

We have great experience in event management because they have worked in so many countries, in more than 50+ events there is no reason to doubt their skills even a little bit.

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Reasonable Prices

Mira’s heaven also provides the most reasonable rates for setting up the birthday party events. They are also known for their pocket-friendly budgeting that allows you to make your special days even more memorable.

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Welcome to Miras Heaven

We are NO1 Birthday Party Planner in Bronx.

Need a birthday party planner?

Let us take care of all your birthday party needs.

We will be telling you everything you need to know about the best birthday party planner in Bronx that will not only help you add colors and life to your event but also make it unique and elegant! So that you can go ahead and make the best choices on the big events of your life, we would hate to see you regret it! So, let’s get going already!

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Why Should You Choose Miras Heaven?

There are more than a few reasons that will make you understand why you should be choosing Mira’s Heaven to make your special day even more fun, special, and unique. Other than the fact that they are literally the best organizers that you can get your hands on at the most reasonable prices. And that too is just the start, wait till I tell you everything else that you can get without getting scammed or mishandled.

Mira’s heaven not only has the best team, but they also have the best performance and bonding among the team members when they are setting up your event. Because of this bonding, they show an outstanding performance at your events. Another great thing about Miras Heaven is that they pay special attention to the smallest events and details that are happening around them so in this way they never forget anything important!



With Miras Heaven, you can now choose any kind of theme that you want to set up for your event without having to worry about any kind of extra charges or a huge dent in your pocket. Since Mira’s heaven gives you an upper hand to decide the theme of your special day.



Not only just that but also Miras Heaven has excelled in menu making too, with about 50+ happy customers that can tell you how much of a good experience it was to work with Mira’s heaven you will really have no insecurities left.



Finally, W just want you guys to know that Miras Heaven is no basic old go-to organization but a seek modern and new one which tends to fulfill all your needs and requirements as per your wish, whether it is entertainment you need or something else.

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We are so glad that we made the right call to appoint you guys to help us with the birthday decorations, you guys really changed the whole space in no time! It looked amazing and beautiful; everything was just as we wanted! My kids will never forget this day and the decor you guys did for their birthday it was unreal!! All praise for your hard work, hope we will see you guys soon!


By Laurie D.

My twin girls absolutely loved their birthday decor, so much so they wanted everything to stay as it is even after so many days, not only them though, but I was also blown away by the elegant and magical way you guys put the whole room together, you guys really renovated my twin girls’ room in no time and so effortlessly! Loved how you guys pay attention to the little details everywhere, it made the room look neat and fun at the same time.


By Matt R.

I wish words were able to express how thankful I am to you for making my wife’s birthday a beautiful and mesmerizing day that none of us can ever forget. I can’t believe you guys turned the venue into a completely different place in no time and that too so effortlessly, thank you for pouring your heart and soul into this birthday décor


By Luke M.