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Are you looking for a Gender Reveal Party Decoration Planner for your Gender Reveal Party? You have come to the right place. Miras Heaven provide Gender Reveal Party Decorations service in Bronx, Yonkers, Brooklyn, Jamaica, Queens.

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What makes our life colorful? Well, there can be a lot of answers for it. But We would say that gatherings have a pretty good impact on our lives. Also, there can be a lot of events for gatherings and stuff. Those events can be a marriage ceremony, picnic party, birthday party, gender reveal party, bachelor’s party, and many others.

The secret behind cherishing the true essence of your parties and events lies in spending time with the people rather than utilizing it in doing the arrangements. For that reason, you should let someone else do the planning and decorations along with other arrangements. But who is that ‘someone else’?

Well, there come the gender reveal party planners. Gender reveal party planners are the experts in planning and executing your event. There is no need to worry about anything when you have hired a good event planner. You just ask them to do some specific or overall arrangements for you and the rest becomes their headache.

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We are an event planning company that strives to achieve excellence. We try to put everything that’s necessary into your events, not just to stand out but also to take your experience to a whole new level. For that, we believe in putting dedication, providing customer service, and using experience. We think that these are the main components that define the quality of an event planner’s services. Talking about dedication, we put a lot of that. Thus, to reach the desired end results, our team has the dedication along with skills. So, whenever you happen to have an event planner, you know where to go. Hire us to have a next-level experience

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Customer Satisfaction

We also believe that customer satisfaction stays above all. That’s why we always prioritize customer service. When it comes to experience, we have a lot of it. We are in this field for more than 5 years and since then, we have been striving for excellence.

Gender Reveal Party Decorations Brooklyn

Competitive Rates

we focus on making your event flawless and more memorable. To make ourselves more approachable and available for all, we have to market competitive rates for you. So, you can have incredible services at incredible prices

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Welcome to Miras Heaven

We are NO1 Gender Reveal Party Planner in Bronx.

Need a gender reveal party planner?

Let us take care of all your Gender Reveal Party needs.

With great experience, facilities, and dedication, Miras Heaven takes your events to a whole new level. You do not have to do anything when they are on the job. So, make your events count with Miras Heaven.

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Why Should You Choose Miras Heaven?

There are numerous event planners out there. But we will give you some basic yet significant reasons to choose us. Here are the 4 reasons that you should hire Miras Heaven

Gender Reveal Party Decorations Queens


Experience plays a pretty good role in conducting events smoothly. So, we have experience of more than 5 years to provide the best services. Because we have learned through this time.

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Customer Support

We believe that the satisfaction of the customer is the most important. That’s why we strive to ensure the best customer service.

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Reasonable Price

Our prices are quite reasonable because we keep ourselves approachable for all. Our market-competitive rates are just for you.

Gender Reveal Party Decorations Brooklyn

Dedicated Team

We believe that dedication is as important as skills. Without the right dedication, a skillful person can not finish any task. So, dedication is pretty important and our team is full of it.



Themes play a great role in defining the momentum of an event. Like, when it comes to gender reveal decorations, you have numerous theme options: He or She, Pink or Blue, Buck or Doe, and etc. So, we give you numerous options to choose from. So that you can have a theme of your dream. But if you have your own ideas that you want to be implemented, then we are open to that as well. We can provide you with what you are looking for!



Well, the menu also resembles the theme and title of the event sometimes. For instance, in the case of a gender reveal party, you can have colorful deviled eggs, colored popcorns, nuts or no nuts, muddy buddy recipes, and a lot more. But we also welcome your ideas as well. We have a lot of things available on our menu options along with a custom menu facility. So, you can have it according to your choice.



Entertainment is pretty important when it comes to parties. Otherwise, people will get bored too soon. To keep things smooth and lovely throughout the event, we also take care of the entertainment stuff. Like, when it comes to gender reveal parties, there are punch pong, cornhole, baby name alphabet, scavenger hunt, and multiple games. You can also come up with more ideas and we will do the arrangements.

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Gender reveal party is not easy to organize. You get nervous because there is usually a lot to handle. But if you hire a nice event planner, then the worries get vanished. Miras Heaven did not disappoint with its services. Rather they work with so much dedication that you feel relaxed throughout. Moreover, the event becomes more memorable.


By Laurie D.

We were looking for some experienced event planners for our baby’s gender reveal party. We wanted to spend time with people rather than worrying about the decorations. So, we brought Miras Heaven for the decorations and they splendidly performed the job. They surely are experienced. I recommend it to others as well because they are worth a shot.


By Matt R.

All of your close ones come to such kinds of parties. Yeah, the gender reveal party of our baby was not easy to plan. Because we were very nervous about the arrangements. But we came across this event planner Miras Heaven. After seeing their values and mission, we decided to give them a try. They did very well throughout the event and everyone was so happy.


By Luke M.